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Financial Restructuring

Sometimes, financially distressed companies require a timely solution that does not include a bankruptcy filing. Michael Caolo & Associates has significant experience with assisting financially distressed businesses to identify options and solutions.


After completion of a thorough due diligence investigation, we assist a variety of constituents including debtors, creditors, equity holders and acquirers in analyzing, structuring, negotiating and executing the best possible solution outside of bankruptcy court. In this regard, services include the following:

  • Restructuring of Bank and Other Credit Agreements

Structure and negotiate secured and unsecured facilities, letters of credit and other credit related agreements.

  • Valuation of Collateral, Business and Securities

Assist and manage the valuations for collateral, cancellation of indebtedness income and general corporate purposes.

  • Sale or Purchase of Assets Or the Entire Company

Analyze, structure, negotiate and close a merger, acquisition or divestiture transaction.

  • Debt and Equity Financing

Refinance existing securities or raise new capital in privately placed transactions.

  • Design of New Securities, Stock Options and Incentive Plans

Structure and negotiate new debt, equity, or hybrid instruments, including convertible securities, options and warrants, and structure and negotiate management stock options and incentive plans.

  • Lease Renegotiations

Assist in renegotiating the terms of major leases.

  • Management and Corporate Governance Issues

Assess management incentive programs, seek new management assistance when needed, and provide for appropriate corporate governance mechanisms in accordance with the negotiated deal.